Crypto 2018

August 19-23, 2018

Affiliated events

August 17-19, 2018

Santa Barbara, USA

Rump Session - CfP

     Talk Submission

As usual, there will be a rump session at Crypto 2018, on Tuesday, August 21st, beginning at 7 pm at the University Center Corwin Pavilion, to be chaired by Stuart Haber. This is intended to be an informal session in which participants give short and entertaining presentations on recent results, work in progress, and other topics of interest to the crypto community.

Important results in our field have first appeared at a Crypto rump session. To pick only a single one, collisions in MD4, MD5, HAVAL-128, and RIPEMD were first announced by Xiaoyun Wang at the Crypto 2004 rump session.

Presentations that are not purely technical in nature are also heartily encouraged.

Some submissions may have to be rejected because of time constraints. We are not going to have any presentations of conference/meeting announcements or job advertisements, since these types of announcements are now well served by the IACR's online Calendar of Events and Open Positions in Cryptology web pages at and However, you are welcome to submit one slide for such announcements, and we will display these during the Rump Session breaks.

The Crypto 2018 rump chair will reduce switching time between talks by concatenating PDFs for adjacent talks, and will only accept slides in PDF format. If you plan to give a talk without slides, or if you don't have slides ready yet, please prepare and submit one slide with your name and talk title. If your proposed submission has any special requirements — e.g. other presentation formats, extra microphones, extraterrestrial lighting cues, etc. — please describe them in your Comments to Chair on the submission page.

Please submit your proposals to the submission server before 5 pm (local time, PDT) on Monday, August 20th. (You will be able to update the PDF file that you've already submitted until noon PDT on Tuesday the 21st. Updated slides will not be accepted on USB sticks or by email!) On that submission page, please use the Abstract field to submit the following information:

A brief summary (not for publication), for example:

  • We've found collisions for SHA-17.
  • I can factor in polynomial time using a quantum dongle.
  • I can use near-field radio signals to recover the PIN numbers from all your credit cards.
  • Alice will prove that Bob doesn't know Jack.

Explanation (not for publication) of why this talk belongs in the Rump Session. In order of decreasing interest to the session chair, these might be:

  1. Money: I have already bribed the rump session chair.
  2. Will be funny: I really, really promise.
  3. Real breaking news: I found this result yesterday on the beach.
  4. Somewhat breaking news: I found this result ten weeks ago, while waiting for my US visa.
  5. New boring stuff: The result has been accepted for some major conference you will all attend, so I can bore you twice with my result.
  6. Very boring stuff: This has been accepted for some minor conference none of you will attend, so I am going to bore you with it here instead.
  7. Old boring stuff: This result has already appeared at PodunkCrypt 2016, so let me bore you again with a 20 minute talk condensed into 3 minutes.
  8. Bitter and rejected: The result was unfairly rejected from the regular program, and you need to hear about it now before you hear next year's improved version.

Questions about the rump session can be sent to