Crypto 2018

August 19-23, 2018

Affiliated events

August 17-19, 2018

Santa Barbara, USA

Student and Postdoc Stipends

The Cryptography Research Fund allows us to waive the registration fee for all student presenters of an accepted paper (application is mandatory).

Please apply by July 1st.

Apply for Registration Fee Waiver for Student Presenters

Thanks to our sponsors' generosity, a limited number of stipends will be available to those students unable to obtain funding to attend the conference. Students in under-represented groups are especially encouraged to apply. This year, we will also provide stipends for postdocs based on funding availability.

We require that all students and postdocs requesting funding fill out the following form. You will need to provide several things in the form which you may wish to write in a text editor and copy into the form as necessary. This includes:

  1. If applicable, a description of previous IACR funding for travel, including amounts for appropriate conferences.
  2. An explanation as to why you need funding.
  3. An explanation of what you hope to achieve by attending Crypto 2018.
Further, the student's advisor or postdoc's host or institution will need to provide a letter by email that addresses:
  1. why there is a need for funding from the conference, and
  2. whether the advisor, host, or institution will provide any funding to complement awarded partial travel grants, and a commitment to a maximal dollar value they are willing to support.
The letter should be addressed to and have the subject "Travel Grant Letter for (applicant name)". Both the application form and the letter must be received according to the following schedule: by June 10th for notification on June 15th, and by July 1st for notification on July 5th. Note that funds might run out in the first cycle.

Note: If you are a student presenter and want to apply for support beyond the registration fee waiver, you will need to complete this information as well. You still need to submit the registration waiver form above by July 1st.

Apply for Student Funding