Crypto 2019

August 18-22, 2019

Affiliated events

August 17-18, 2019

Santa Barbara, USA

Affiliated Event: New Roads to Cryptopia (NRC 2019)


Modern cryptography relies on unproven hardness assumptions. Since the advent of public-key cryptography in the late 1970s, historically, new sources of structured hardness have been essential to understanding the boundary between what is feasible and infeasible in cryptography. Recent work on secure general-purpose obfuscation has once again brought the study of new sources of structured hardness to the forefront of understanding the limits of cryptography. This workshop will explore new sources of hardness, their implications, their limitations, and how we can chart a new path forward into the cryptographic wilderness.

Invited speakers

  • Elette Boyle (IDC)
  • Sam Hopkins (UC Berkeley)
  • Yuval Ishai (Technion)
  • Aayush Jain (UCLA)
  • Rachel Lin (University of Washington)
  • Fermi Ma (Princeton)


  • New assumptions for crypto: iO, simple PRFs, and more
  • How can we get confidence in new assumptions?
  • New algorithmic techniques for cryptanalysis
  • New techniques for proving lower bounds
  • Sum of Squares and cryptography



Amit Sahai (UCLA, Center for Encrypted Functionalities)