Paper Submission

Note that submission deadline has passed; you can still use this page to access your account on the submission server. Information below is for archiving purposes

Be sure to follow instructions for authors in the call for papers. This year Crypto has switched to new review software. Submit your paper here; note that the first step is to create an account.

Conflicts of Interests

Authors, program committee members, and reviewers must follow the IACR Policy on Conflicts of Interest, available from

In particular, the authors of each submission are asked during the submission process to identify all members of the Program Committee who have a conflict of interest (COI) with the submission. A reviewer and an author have an automatic COI if:

  • one was the thesis advisor/supervisor of the other
  • or if they have shared an institutional affiliation within the last two years. (Sharing an institutional affiliation means working at the same location/campus of the same company/university. It does not include separate universities of the same system nor distant locations of the same company).
  • or if they have published two or more joint authored works within the last three years. Jointly authored work refers to jointly authored papers and books, whether formally published or just posted online, resulting from collaboration on a scientific problem. It usually does not include joint editorial functions, like a jointly edited proceedings volume. For online publication, the first posting (not revisions) is the relevant date. Multiple versions of a paper (conference, ePrint, journal) count as a single paper.
  • or if they are in the same family

COIs are not restricted to automatic ones and other COIs naturally arise. COIs beyond automatic COIs could involve financial, intellectual, or personal interests. Examples include closely related technical work, cooperation in the form of joint projects or grant applications, business relationships, close personal friendships, instances of personal enmity. Full transparency is of utmost importance, authors and reviewers must disclose to the program chairs any circumstances that they think may create bias, even if it does not raise to the level of a COI. The program chairs will decide if such circumstances should be treated as a COI.

It is the responsibility of all authors to ensure correct reporting of COI information. Submissions with incorrect or incomplete COI information may be rejected without consideration of their merits.