Crypto 2020

August 17-21 2020


Affiliated Events

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CFAIL (Conference for Failed Approaches and Insightful Losses in Cryptology)

Saturday August 15
Contact: Allison Bishop

Abstract: The Conference for Failed Approaches and Insightful Losses in cryptology is an annual event that celebrates the crucial role that failure plays in the advancement of cryptologic research. Our mission is to encourage the sharing of insights gained from failed research attempts within our community by providing a publication venue for such works.

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ACAS (Standardization and Applications)

Saturday August 15th
Contact: Daniel Benarroch and Tancrède Lepoint

Abstract: The past decade has witnessed the first successful deployments of encrypted computing, multiparty computation, and cryptographic zero-knowledge proofs as privacy preserving technologies. In order to enable the mainstream use of these technologies and educate application developers, several community based standardization groups have been created (,, and standard organizations (ISO, NIST) are already considering how to standardize these advanced cryptographic techniques.

The Advanced Cryptography Applications and Standards workshop serves to bring together the industry, academia and standardization bodies around the adoption and usability of privacy-enhancing advanced cryptographic schemes. It aims to highlight the importance and challenges of deploying these techniques in real-world applications, as well as of standardizing these complex cryptographic protocols.

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PPML (Privacy Preserving Machine Learning)

Sunday August 16th
Contact: Gilad Asharov, Rafail Ostrovsky and Antigoni Polychroniadou

Abstract: The workshop on privacy preserving machine learning aims to strengthen collaborations among the machine learning and cryptography communities. The scope includes privacy preserving techniques for training, inference, and disclosure.

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Attacks in Crypto

Sunday August 16th
Contact: Eyal Ronen and Mathy Vanhoef

Abstract: Cryptography is often thought of as the bright spot of practical security, a mathematical paradise where security can be rigorously proven and issues like buffer overflows are in someone else’s department. However, there is a growing community of researchers who regularly find serious flaws in widely deployed cryptographic implementations and protocols. In recent years, this type of research has mostly been published in systems security conferences. This workshop will bring together researchers who work on cryptographic attacks and provide a showcase of their work for the Crypto community. This is the third edition of the WAC workshop, which has been established by Nadia Heninger.

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