Crypto 2020

August 17-21 2020



The IACR board has decided that virtual Crypto 2020 will be free, but attendees are required to pay the IACR membership fee for 2021 if they have not already paid it (typically by attending an IACR conference in 2020).

The conference is expected to start each day at 15:00 UTC and run, with breaks, approximately 5 to 7 hours each day. There are also several affiliated events (see the affiliated events page for more info).

Registration Cost



Registration Fee + IACR dues



Attended prior 2020 IACR conference



What the Conference Fee Includes

The conference registration fee includes participation in the technical program, as well as access to the conference proceedings. This year's virtual conference will involve live talks, Q&A sessions, a chat forum, social events, and recordings of the talks.

An Important Note for Students

If you are a student presenting at Crypto 2020, your registration fee will be covered by the Cryptography Research Fund for Student Presenters; you do not need to pay for registration. Please contact the General Chair before registration to obtain a registration waiver token.

Additional Information

IACR dues are $50 for regular attendees and $25 for student attendees.

It will be possible to register up until the last day of the conference, August 21 2020.

IACR Policy for Proceedings

Proceedings will be made available online to attendees.

If you would like to obtain a printed copy of the proceedings, these can be purchased directly from Springer.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of a virtual conference, no cancellations will be accepted after August 10.

Code of Conduct

People who register must agree to abide by the IACR code of conduct.