Crypto 2021

August 16-20 2021


Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning Workshop

Information about accepted papers, schedule, etc, is available on the workshop website (linked below). PPML will take place virtually on Sunday, August 15, 2021 as an affiliated event of Crypto 2021.


Artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly. Systems based on machine learning algorithms approach and sometimes even exceed the abilities of human experts. Applications of machine learning involve almost every aspect of our lives, from health care and DNA sequence classification, to financial markets, computer networks and many more. Machine learning algorithms perform better when being exposed to more and more data, but such data is not always accessible due to privacy constraints. Can we train machine learning algorithms on confidential data without ever being exposed to it? Can my model classify your sample without ever seeing it?

The workshop aims to strengthen collaborations among the machine learning and cryptography communities. The scope includes privacy preserving techniques for training, inference, and disclosure. The workshop will consist of few invited talks, together with contributed talks.

Workshop website


contact information for PPML workshop