Crypto 2021

August 16-20 2021


Crypto Swag

You may have noticed there's no swag this year, since we've gone virtual. We tried. The original idea was to design a mask with some pithy saying on it, but shipping internationally was prohibitively expensive. So that was out.

We decided that the best option is to offer a rad design and have you make your own swag. So put it on a t-shirt, make stickers, put it on a patch or a bag, your imagination is the limit!

Wait, but how do I make my own swag?

You have a couple of choices.

  1. Local businesses can often help you with making things with custom logos. Look for things like "screenprinting near me", "custom t-shirts near me", or similar. An added bonus of ordering from a local business is that shipping is likely to be cheap or free.
  2. Online options. A lot of them will only make large orders, but there are a few that will make just one or two items for you. Some examples are Zazzle or Vistaprint, but there are many other options too.
  3. DIY. Screenprinting and the like might be easier than you think. If you have access to a printer, you can probably make an iron-on transfer for a t-shirt. Instructables and other places will have more instructions.
Download Crypto 2021 logo
Designed by Ellen Kolesnikova