Crypto 2023

August 19-24, 2023

Santa Barbara, USA

Affiliated Events

Saturday August 19, 2023

Crypto meets AI - GHTC

Corwin West

The Glowing Hot Topics in Cryptography (GHTC) workshop series is a one-day round table event that brings together experts from both industry and academia to discuss the latest and most important developments in the field of cryptography. The round tables will feature world renowned panelists from both industry and academy. GHTC aims to provide a forum for exchanging ideas, research, and insights on hottest topics in cryptography.

The second edition of GHTC, a workshop series that focuses on cutting-edge topics in cryptography, will feature the theme "Crypto meets AI". This topic aims to explore the intersection of cryptography and artificial intelligence and examine how the two fields can work together to enhance security, privacy, and other important aspects of digital communication.

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MCC Theater

MathCrypt aims to provide a forum for exchanging ideas on new mathematical assumptions and attacks in cryptography, and to encourage and attract new researchers to work in the area of mathematical cryptography. Its scope includes, but is not limited to:

  • introducing new assumptions which can be used to construct or improve cryptographic schemes
  • proposing new attacks on cryptographic assumptions, including new approaches which are not currently viable but have future promise
  • implementation improvements for cryptographic schemes and attacks
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Corwin East

The Conference for Failed Approaches and Insightful Losses in Cryptology (CFAIL) is dedicated to disseminating insightful failures of the cryptology research community.

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RISE: Research Insights and Stories for Enlightenment

Corwin West

StorySLAM: Part of the RISE workshop, this will be a 2 hour gender-inclusive event where several junior and senior cryptographers share personal stories highlighting pivotal moments, challenges, triumphs, and lessons from their research journey.

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Sunday August 20, 2023


Lotte Lehmann

The Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning Workshop (PPML) aims to strengthen collaborations among the machine learning and cryptography communities. The scope includes privacy preserving techniques for training, inference, and disclosure.

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Corwin West

Cryptography is often thought of as the bright spot of practical security, a mathematical paradise where security can be rigorously proven and issues like buffer overflows are in someone else's department. However, there is a growing community of researchers who regularly find serious flaws in widely deployed cryptographic implementations and protocols. In recent years, this type of research has mostly been published in systems security conferences. This workshop will bring together researchers who work on cryptographic attacks and provide a showcase of their work for the Crypto community. This is the sixth edition of the WAC workshop, which was established by Nadia Heninger.

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MCC Theatre

The goal of the workshop is to gather researchers from academia and industry that work on various aspects of cryptography and AI to share their experiences and discuss how to strengthen the collaboration.

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RISE: Research Insights and Stories for Enlightenment

Corwin East

Our aim is to provide a fun and thought-provoking experience for all attendees through three activities spread across the conference: StorySLAM for a wholesome discussion on diverse topics through personal stories, technical lightning talks and social activities for students identifying as women (tentatively on Sunday morning, August 20th), and a mentorship lunch for students to interact with senior researchers (during lunch Monday through Thursday). Come join us in this fun endeavor!

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